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AMB 2016 - VDMA Pressekonferenz, 14.09.2016

Die Einführung eines Toolmanagement-Systems sollte gut geprüft sein. In dem Leitfaden "Einführung eines zukunftsorientierten Toolmanagement-Systems" gibt der VDMA-Arbeitskreis Werkzeugverwaltung einen Überblick über aktuelle Möglichkeiten des Toolmanagements.

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Supporting and digitalizing corporate processes

The newest edition of VDMA's business directory “Mehrwert durch Software 2016” (Added Value Through Software 2016) provides industry decision-makers with a quick overview of the competencies offered by software and service providers in the top 15 categories.

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IT costs scrutinized

The results of the IT cost benchmark 2015 once again establish transparency for the mechanical engineering sector. The benchmark also takes aspects such as the penetration of PC workstations, mobility quota and other factors that have an impact on IT costs into account.

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Competitive factors IT and automation

The current trend study conducted by the VDMA Forum IT@Automation on the impact of IT and automation technology in products immediately shows: IT and automation components have become important, sometimes even indispensable parts of mechanical engineering

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Biljana Gabric

  • Assisting management and "protect-ing.de" Working Group
  • Phone: 

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    Rainer Glatz

  • Management (Electrical Automation + Software and Digitalization)
  • Head of Information Technology Department
  • Research and Innovation
  • Product and know-how protection


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  • Meinolf Gröpper

    Technical product documentation, Product engineering (systems and concepts for CAD, CAM, PDM, PLM etc.), Standardization of data formats, Information models and interfaces for automation


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    (+49 69) 66 03-26 60


    Prof. Claus Oetter

    Deputy management (Software and Digitalization), Head of Forum IT@Automation, Software engineering (software development processes, usability etc.), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Change Management


    (+49 69) 66 03-16 67


    (+49 69) 66 03-26 67